Riding the Wave

Riding the Wave of Goodness As a surfer, I find the rolling waves to be full of meaning. As a tiny speck on the edge of a vast ocean, I observe their steady motion towards me and instinctively calculate where to place myself to be in a position to catch the biggest...

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Christians and Muslims Come Together During Lent

Salaam and St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral bring together Muslim leaders to share their stories and create understanding between Muslims and non-Muslims Who: Salaam, a non-religious, non-partisan organization that focuses on creating friendships and a mutual understanding between Muslims and non-Muslims. Salaam USA has partnered with St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral, a place of sanctuary and safety […]

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January 2019 – #1

A Word from the Founder The United States Government is shut down in a partisan dispute over border wall funding. Asylum seekers are being processed and then abandoned in the streets in border cities where they sleep until citizen advocates find them. In San Diego an immigration attorney filled his house with multiple families, just to […]

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Pilot Events Exceed Expectations

Salaam held it’s first Muslim awareness event in partnership with All Souls’ Episcopal Church on May 23. Our Evening of Ramadan was sold out, with over 80 people in attendance. Our Muslim speakers captivated the audience, touching on the life of Mohammed, the role of women in Islam, and the true meaning of jihad and […]

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