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US Military Assassinates Iranian General
Pres. Trump Threatens War with Iran

There’s never been a more important time to make yourself aware of American foreign policy. After the dramatic drone-strike assassination of Gen. Qassem Suleimani at the Baghdad International Airport on January 3, people around the globe are on edge at the thought of war breaking out between the United States and the most powerful nation in the Muslim World.

To help inform your understanding about the new Iran crisis, I’m offering a two-week special free download of the fourteen page segment of my book that summarizes CIA involvement in Iran since the late 1950s. Click on the button below to sign up. Then please join me in peace activism via the nonprofit I founded: SalaamUSA

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Why Do They Hate Us? Making Peace with the Muslim World

Why Do They Hate Us? Making Peace with the Muslim World

$18.99eBook: $8.99

After 9/11, the West became fearful of Muslims and acts of terror were prominent in the news cycles. Politicians capitalized, and have effectively employed Islamophobia as a political tool. In Why Do They Hate Us?, author Steve Slocum takes the spotlight off the extremists and instead exposes the heart of the everyday Muslim.

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With Americans still in shock after watching packed airliners fly into the World Trade Center towers, George W. Bush asked America, 

Why do they hate us?


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